Training Resources

We develop general RTO resources that are practical and compliant for use in the domestic and international markets for workplace, face to face, online, or blended delivery models that consistently pass audit./p>

We can also review and provide feedback on existing RTO training and assessment resources to ensure they meet criteria and are compliant with regulatory frameworks. Feedback and coaching on how to develop existing materials to address compliance issues is provided to address any need.

RTO Documentation

Our RTO documentation includes templates for every area of RTO operations and are available in different contexts to address the requirements of all VET legislative frameworks, which can be branded to your company.

We supply standard or develop clients existing resources for all areas of RTO operations including: marketing, pre enrolment, enrolment, administration, student support, finance, human resources/ staff files, continuous improvement, certification, auditing and more. Let us know your requirements and we can either supply our standard documents or quickly develop resources to address your specific needs.

Our RTO documentation includes:

RTO training materials

RTO resource development

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Complete Quality Management Systems
  • Compliant training and assessment resources
  • Pre training review and enrolment documentation
  • Pre enrolment documentation
  • Learner information brochures
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy tools including Assessor Guides
  • Marketing materials
  • Industry consultation documentation
  • Assessment validation plans and schedules
  • Internal auditing templates
  • Training and assessment strategy templates
  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL) templates
  • Continuous improvement documentation
  • Staff recruitment, induction and professional development documentation
  • Strategic and business plan templates

Assessment Resources

Struggling to find the time to develop or review your assessment tools and instruments?

We can review or develop these tools for any industry from any training package. Talk to us today.

Complete Training Resources & Learning Materials

High quality, compliant training materials, fully editable with full licence. Our range of training resources are available for any industry or training package.  Provided in word documents to enable branding to your own company. They are developed by industry subject matter experts, learning and development specialists and compliance experts. They include:

RTO Learning materials

RTO Training Materials

  • Theory Assessment – Assessor (with marking key)
  • Theory Assessment – Learner
  • Practical Assessment – Assessor
  • Practical Assessment – Learner
  • Mapping Matrix
  • Resource Checklist
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Learner Guides

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