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Workforce Training Group

IMPACT Workforce Training Group are a one-stop-shop for Registered Training Organisations or anyone looking to become one.

Drawing on over 25 years of VET industry experience in operations, business development, course ware design, instructor development, and audits; our dedicated team of practitioners, regulatory auditors, advisers and specialists, offer and provide the highest quality professional service, coupled with the most up to date current & reliable information & advice.

All your requirements for the set-up, development, audit, training and resources are taken care of.  We operate nationally offering a range of services for any industry sector. Our consultants are experts in their fields, poised to offer outstanding results and outcomes on any of our services.

We have a proven track record of successfully supporting clients in:

  • RTO Set up/RTO Registration
  • Increase in scope
  • Transfer of ownership
  • RTO Re-registration/RTO Renewal
  • Preparation for major audits
  • Rectification of non-compliance
  • Submissions & Impact Statements
  • Rectification for sanctions
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • RTO operational documentation development
  • Development of training and assessment resources
  • Audit of training and assessment resources
  • Assistance with post audit rectification
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Validations
  • Trainer reviews
  • Reports for Submissions & Impact Statements
  • Development of documentation for all areas of RTO operations
  • Recruitment of high calibre RTO staff
  • RTO business development
  • RTO Renewal health checks

IMPACT Workforce Training Group are an experienced RTO consultancy based in Perth.

We provide advice and support on all aspects of Business & Training for Registered Training Organisation in the domestic and international markets.

    • Quality Management Systems for all legislative frameworks
    • Policies & procedures for all legislative frameworks
    • Training & assessment materials
    • RPL tools
  • Training & assessment strategies
    • Auditing templates
    • Validation tools
    • Marketing materials
    • Pre enrolment documentation
  • Documentation for all operations
    • RTO consulting
    • RTO set up/ gaining RTO registration
    • CRICOS registration
    • Internal auditing
    • External validation reports
  • Preparing and responding to external audits
  • Transfer of RTO ownership
    • On-going compliance advice and support for all legislative frameworks
    • Assessment validation
    • Extension of scope
    • Training and assessment material development
    • RTO registration financial viability advice and support
    • Developing financial forecasts and modelling tools
  • Business plan development
    • Master Class For Trainers
  • Train The Trainer

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