Increased Scrutiny To Register an RTO in 2018

Increased scrutiny to register an RTO in 2018 – Become an RTO in 2018

WEF 1 May 2018 ASQA presented changes that will affect all individuals looking to register a new RTO.

Register an RTO in 2018

Become an RTO in 2018

ASQA is increasing scrutiny on new applications for registration from 1 July 2018.

Vocational education and training (VET) and the education of overseas students make a significant contribution to Australia’s economy. More than four million people undertake VET in Australia each year and the quality of the training sector has a direct impact on students, the workforce and the Australian community.

ASQA’s aim as the national VET regulator is for providers to deliver high-quality training and assessment so that all VET students can receive the training experiences they expect and deserve.

ASQA also seeks to support good-quality training providers through protecting the integrity and reputation of the training sector. This includes requiring all applicants to meet stringent requirements to enter the market.
To further protect the quality and reputation of the VET and international education sectors, from 1 July 2018, ASQA will apply even greater scrutiny to all applications to establish new training providers.

Why is ASQA changing its approach to initial registration applications?

ASQA’s 2017-18 Regulatory Strategy identified the implementation of stronger controls on new training providers entering the market as a key priority.
On average, ASQA rejects around one in four applications for initial registration. ASQA receives approximately 500 applications for initial registration each year and spends a considerable proportion of its regulatory resources on these applications. However, many of these applications are submitted by organisations without the educational capacity or the financial resources to deliver quality training.

What will this mean to you?

The changes to the application and assessment process for initial registration will help people considering entering the VET and/or international education training market determine if they have the resources and skills needed to seek initial registration.

Any new applications wef 1 July 2018 will now:

  1. be required to submit more extensive financial viability data and provide greater disclosure on the backgrounds of people associated with the organisation
  2. need to complete a comprehensive self-assessment to ensure that they are ready to deliver training (over 40 pages worth)
  3. no longer have an opportunity to correct non-compliance prior to a decision being made on the application, but will be provided with a reconsideration process (for an additional fee!)
  4. The client must be prepared to deliver quality training and assessment on their first interaction with ASQA, which means more preparation time with a strong focus on consultancy to ensure there is a genuine intent and/or capacity to provide quality training.
  5. generally be registered for a two-year period.

Applicants who successfully achieve registration will also be subject to additional scrutiny during the first two years where they apply to add new training products to their scope of registration.

Our response to the changes:

Shock & Hallelujah all at the same time.  Due diligence is key. If I could tell you the amount of calls we get from individuals who do not even know what a training package is…………wanting to establish an RTO, this speaks volumes. But they move ahead with their applications non-the-less by contracting other firms who may not provide the appropriate representation, or screening process……..This never ends well!

These changes pose a radical move, which some say does not meet national or international audit models…….which it doesn’t. But a line has been drawn in the sand of which we have been assured anyone who has a genuine intent and/or capacity to provide quality training will be given every opportunity.

This will change the state of play of applications; those considering becoming an RTO, should in every opportunity engage a consultant with a soldi background in this industry to ensure every layer is accounted for and covered……..also to ensure only genuine providers enter the market.

Its a good move, it will stop innocuous applications and individuals looking at making money over delivering quality training, which is what the national framework is built to do, provide a quality product for our learners.

Final words: Please educate yourself on the new changes and ensure you engage appropriate individuals with the background to guide you through the registration process to become an RTO. We are always happy to assist in all aspects of becoming and developing an RTO.

Reference: ASQA’s 2017-18 Regulatory Strategy


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