Becoem an RTO

The 3rd phase of the students journey

Become an RTO – Changes to register an RTO in 2018 – Part 3 of 6 (This is the 3rd phase in the student’s journey).

Become an RTO – If you are considering applying to become an RTO there are a whole host of things you need to understand before you can make an informed decision about moving forward with your idea. IMPACT Workforce Training Group like to ur on the side of caution, particularly now The Regulator has made significant changes to the application process, (1st May 2018), which in our opinion, are game changes. The impact this will have on those wishing to become an RTO maybe far more thought provoking than you had originally considered. So, we have provided you with a glimpse of what you could expect in the form of a series of blogs that will take you through the phases.

This will be a road map, it will allow you to understand how robust the process to become an RTO is, and what you really need to have in place to ensure you will be approved at audit. This is part 3 of a 6 part update.

Last week we looked at Enrolment  – The 2nd phase in the students journey.

This week we will look at Support and Progression – The 3rd phase in the student journey


This area focuses on how you will support student’s progression in their learning by supporting students, keeping students informed and managing complaints and appeals.

  • You will need to provide details of the staff members that will provide support services within your proposed RTO.
  • You will also need to provide details of any external organisations that you may have engaged or will engage to provide support services.
  • You must be able to demonstrate you have training and assessment strategies and resources in place to identify any support needs and have the arrangements and capacity to make this support available to learners.
  • Your complaints and appeals policy and processes responds to allegations involving the conduct of The RTO, its trainers, assessors or other staff, a 3rd party or another learner
  • Your complaints policy is publicly available

Support needs may include, LLN support, disability or physical concerns, cultural, socioeconomic, family issues, limitations on access to resources.

LLN support may include, assistive technology, extra tutorials or teaching support, access to resources owned by the organisation, such as computers or wi-fi, counsellors/mediation services.

Please consider and ask yourself these questions:

  1. How will you notify the student of any agreed services that may change? Eg change to an existing 3rd party, how will you notify the student and by what means?
  1. How will you record, acknowledge and deal with complaints and appeals? How will you ensure they are dealt with efficiently and effectively?
  1. What is your appeals policy to manage requests for a review of decisions including assessment decisions?
  1. Do you have an already developed; Complaints Policy, Complaints Form, Complaints Register?
  1. What processes are in place to identify individual students support needs?
  1. How will you identify student support needs at the time of enrolment? What documents, methodologies, processes will you use?
  1. How will you continue to identify student needs as the learner progresses through the training process?
  1. Who will be responsible within the RTO as an internal point of contact for student support? What is their position in the company and what will their support role be eg providing counselling etc
  1. What relationships with to external support services have been established/will be established (where the organisation is not equipped to provide that support)?
  1. What system is in place that provides staff with up-to-date and relevant links to internal and external support services.
  1. What support services are relevant to the student cohort and are accessible for all modes of delivery offered
  1. What sort of support services have been identified as needed by the students in your intended enrolment cohort?
  1. How have support services, including external support services, been identified and sourced to support those needs?
  1. What information about support services have you provided in your Training and Assessment Strategy?
  1. How will you contextualize your training and assessment resources to accommodate for individual support needs or your learners?
  1. What are your timelines to conclude a complaint within the RTO?
  1. Do you have a separate Complaints and Appeals process or are both combined into one?

Part 3 complete.

More next week.

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