What Happens Following An RTO Audit?

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Help with rectification of a formal audit

What happens following an RTO audit?

What will happen following an RTO audit?

On completion of any RTO audit, your auditor will provide you with an exit interview. This will determine the level of non-compliance identified within the RTO.  The auditor will then prepare a formal audit report based on the findings of the site audit, this report will then be submitted to the governing body.

You will receive the formal audit report NLT 10 working days after the site audit. But, don’t wait for the formal audit report to arrive! If there were  non-compliance issues identified it is best to fix the issues immediately. Whilst you are not legally allowed to record the site audits, it is a good practice to have someone scribe during the process to get down all the relevant issues that require attention.

You will be provided with 20 working days to demonstrate how you have rectified the non-compliance found on the day of audit. There is no set way to administer this process but there is an easy way to do it. Its a matter of following the formal audit report and referencing the non-compliance areas from the report, and how you rectified the issue. This must be backed up with the relevant document, policy or resources.







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